Monday, January 28, 2008

Deer One

Dear Mom,

There are three types of people in Central Texas, I'm told. People who have hit a deer, people who have hit another deer and people who are about to hit another deer. When I first moved here 3 years ago it seemed like an exaggeration. Poor innocent fool...

The haze of innocence lasted quite a long time, a whole year. Then my husband and I hit a deer in our van on the way home from dinner at a remote resort restaurant. Think of the name "Canyon of the Eagles" when you're trying to visualize remote. The stupid thing almost flew into our vehicle, only the fact that the van has a high front window kept it from going through it. I was in the passenger seat and can still see its startled eyes looking into mine accompanied by a resounding thunk. Fine. One expects wildlife out in the boonies. That was during a dry year and the deer were sparse. Later, with more normal weather I found that our neighborhood only has fewer deer than most because a lot of large dogs are unfenced. In surrounding neighborhoods, herds of deer wander about, making gardening and driving a headache.

The last one my husband hit a couple of weeks ago made him feel kind of bad. For one thing the stupid creature staggered off. For another, it was deer season and he didn't have the tools to dress him out.

Deer are make consistently poor life choices and are good to eat. Deer One, and Two and Three, so far.

I love you,


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