Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New, Improved Purse

Dear Mom,

For many years I've been battling HPS, Hideous Purse Syndrome. In the supermarket where I used to work, the women employees weighed their purses to see who had the heaviest bag. I came in second, and the winner had several children for whom to carry stuff, I didn't. Perhaps it's best I didn't win, I suspect First Prize was an anvil.

Three weeks ago in a tizzy about getting to an appointment on time, I couldn't find my car keys in the Hideous Purse, again! I dumped the contents onto a towel on a spare bed, found the keys, threw the absolute essentials back in and raced to the appointment, five minutes late. Twice I've been through the pile, to find a small item I wanted. The towel was still sitting there this morning and I tackled it. Went through the pile, tossed everything I don't need or use, found some business cards, phone numbers---and money, Yes!

I Googled the search string "organize+purse" and found this wonderful idea called a Butler Bag, invented by a woman who had been fighting purses all her life, like most of us. She had a bad experience involving two screaming babies, a long line and a dysfunctional diaper bag. The handbag she designed, a simple good-quality leather purse with a few compartments, costs...are you ready? $110-for the small one, $165 for the larger one. Did you hear the *thunk* when my jaw hit the floor? I made a box with compartments out of a Bob's Red Mill corrugated cardboard box to fit in the nice leather purse I found in my mother-in-law's closet last year.

My purse is many pounds lighter, I've given up the idea of getting a new one and my mood is vastly improved. After one day, Hideous Purse Syndrome is a fading memory.

I love you,


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