Sunday, February 3, 2008


Dear Mom,

I enjoy watching people carefully and listen to what they really say, not interpret them through my own opinions.

I like the fact that people will tell you what's on their minds early on in a conversation. You'll often hear within a few minutes of talking what's most bothering them; a problem that hasn't been solved, a personal struggle with another family member, etc.. They just can't keep it out of their conversations unless they've taught themselves to be very self-disciplined about what they reveal to casual acquaintances. Even then, the concern will leak out, it's just a little harder to pick up.

This propensity appears again when you compliment a person on something practical or creative they've done. Within seconds they'll point out the one thing that's not perfect. A master quilter's eye will be drawn like a magnet to her one mistake on a prize-winning quilt, she'll even point out the invisible flaw to viewers.

People are pretty predictable, and they'll bust themselves every time.

I love you,


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