Friday, February 1, 2008


Dear Mom,

The euphoria you get when you succeed at learning a new skill on the computer is an interesting feeling. It's not quite like anything else. It's very like the feeling of accomplishment one gets from academic endeavors. You find a subject that appeals to you, find the avenues to research it, organize and process the information and then act on the knowledge you have. It's a process that's uniquely satisfying. It's the mark of a self-motivated person, one that passive people rarely experience.

It's a little lonely too. Hardly anyone you hang out with shares your enthusiasm for learning an obscure little skill that makes your task easier. Usually it's a task you've assigned yourself and no one cares whether you've done it or not. Ah, the pain we geeky-types endure! I feel so lucky to usually have my geek sitting right beside me to share a picture, a joke, a video, a skill, ask a question or just roll my chair over to grab a kiss.

One thing I've noticed about "working" on the computer; the difference between it and other forms of entertainment is that when you're through, you've produced something instead of passively absorbing what's been fed to you. That's it, being productive instead of absorbent. Makes some people seem like paper towels, doesn't it? I know some thicker-picker-uppers, how about you?

I love you,


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