Friday, February 8, 2008

I Hate Retail

Dear Mom,

Worked at the Bluffton Store today. It's a funny thing, I kind of hate retail.

The reality of retail sales is that you make a huge investment of your time and funds, work like a mule to get it started, usually go into debt to finance and stock, continually wrack your brain to attract customers, open your establishment...and wait. Wait for people to decide they want what you offer, trickle in to see (or taste) what you've got, decide if they feel like paying your price, then decide whether to return. In the meantime, you worry.

The jobs I've had involving retail sales are the only ones where I watched the clock, hoping against hope it would move faster so I could go home and get something tangible accomplished.

I really enjoy the kind of work I do now, housecleaning. I get to work, the client is happy to see me. I work hard with no breaks. Sometimes I talk and visit with them while I'm working, which makes the work go faster. In many cases I become very close with my clients and provide an outlet for them; they can discuss things they don't normally talk about with friends and family. They provide the same outlet for me. By the time you've worked for them for a short while, they seem like family and you do to them, too. They pay your for your much-appreciated time and work, and treat you respectfully. Then you go home to your real life, with no worries.

The work is hard and I never have to 'exercise'. I'm healthy and fit.

I love my job.

I love you,


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