Monday, February 18, 2008


Dear Mom,

OK, sometimes I love to shop, but only for things I really want and I shop my
way, which means online.

Don and I have been enjoying the plants I brought in from outside. I didn't
want to bother with a greenhouse, but I wanted to save some of my plants.
Then we got a couple of half-dead African Violets from Wal-Mart. Now for a
back-story. Don loves plants, but denies any involvement when it comes to
caring for them. He's been after me to get some houseplants, but I resisted
so far. Years ago in Florida I had about 30 African Violets, they're very
addictive. As soon as you have every color you can imagine, then there are
the Miniatures, and the Trailers, and the Chimeras, and the Variegated....

These two plants have done so well I went to this website, "The Violet Barn",
and ordered the "Seller's Choice" collection of ten different standard-size
African Violets. The total was $67.00, shipped, and in winter! Not bad.
Take some time to go through the site, it's big and deep, and contains a lot
of their lives, there's even a love story.
When grown right, these babies can be big-up to a foot wide. They're shipped
kind of small, though, as they're very brittle and prone to breakage. Oh,
no! A broken leaf? Uh, won't that make lots of new plants? *grin*

Never mind, they'll soon be bigger than I want them to be. Don's promised to
hang some grow-lights for me when the sun doesn't come in the south-facing
window later in the year. That's why they've been so pretty, they really
need a little sunlight or grow-lights to bloom like this. The blooms are as
nice as I've seen on show plants. Unfortunately, once or twice this winter,
I let them get dry and they were a little too close to the window and got
cold, resulting in some leaf damage.

Just got a confirmation on my order and they'll be delivered next week. Can't
wait. I have plant fever really badly and spent part of the day grooming my

I love you,


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