Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tennessee Waltz

Dear Mom,

One of the best features of the Internet is YouTube, especially since the explosion of videos featuring musical artists. I go on Artist Jags, one night indulging in Ray Charles, another Etta James, another Bonnie Raitt, and John Lee Hooker and Nora Jones and.... There's no way in a lifetime you could see these artists and the many performances they've staged. One of the hallmarks of a wonderful talent is that they are the biggest fans of their peers. To watch B.B.King perform with and appreciate Eric Clapton or Chet Atkins and Doc Watson in a duet, this is heavenly.

If you don't see anything else, watch Bonnie Raitt and Nora Jones singing "Tennessee Waltz". They've taken a standard waltz and made it a serious blues tune-and a woman's wailing, stark-souled blues tune at that. It's as old as life and as new as your first broken heart. They make you feel it just like the first time.

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I feel a Billie Holliday-A-Thon coming on.

I love you,


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