Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flowers by Mail

Dear Mom,

What a nice surprise! The 10 African Violets arrived today and I'm more than pleased. Each little plant so perfectly wrapped for shipment that they were clean and fresh-looking right out of the box. The company that sent them, The Violet Barn packs them in fiberglass insulation so they're guaranteed even for winter shipping. Here they are just 4 hours after unwrapping from their little newspaper sleeves after they'd been watered and had some fresh air. Today the buds that were already on them are starting to open. Perfect for a flower nut with serious Spring Fever.

I found out our Postal Carrier is an African Violet aficionado, so that opens up an opportunity for a new gardening buddy! How's that for an extra bonus? Through a series of 'life issues', she lost most of her plants. The same thing happened to me so I can relate.

Here are the babies in all their petite glory. That's like saying, "What a cute little kitten, I'll just take him home, he won't eat much..." Right. They'll each get to be 10-12" inches wide. Twelve (I have 2) African Violets can take up a lot of space-I used to have about 30. First you have to get all the colors, then the fancies, then the minis, then the trailers. And *then* there are those beautiful variegated...*sigh* It's a sickness.

One for which I hope there's no cure.

I love you,


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