Sunday, March 16, 2008

Down the Garden Path

Dear Mom,

The other day I was working at Timi's nursery and a tree service guy came by asking if she needed any mulch. They are very interested in dumping chipped wood wherever you'd like it out here so they don't have to burn gas taking it many miles to dump. Burning gas eats into their small profits. She pointed to her vast piles and said no thanks but I might want some. They delivered to my house and it was the nicest pine mulch you can imagine. apparently the tree was dead and it's lightweight and the pieces are consistent. If I remember correctly it ages to a pale grey color.

I've wanted a path from the front to the side door, there's little to no grass because it's heavily shaded. It's always a mess; if it's dry outside you bring in gritty dirt, if it's wet you bring in mud.

I had a pile of bricks I got last year so I made the borders yesterday and started filling in the path this afternoon. I called Timi and asked her how I could get a bunch of liriope (monkey grass) very reasonably, maybe really small ones. She could do better than that. A lady she's consulting with on landscaping has a boatload of the stuff she wants taken out. She likes it where she has it but it gets really big really quickly. Happy me, happy her. I just need to go dig up a bunch sometime this week.

Weird, I keep getting what I need when I need it. I spruced up the gravel garden a bit this week, but am not planting anything that I can't take in during a freeze. It's nice getting some of the heavier work done early in the spring before it gets too hot.

What a nice day.

I love you,



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