Monday, March 10, 2008

Dirtgoddess is Restless

Dear Mom,

The Zinnia seeds I started 4 days ago are up and going gangbusters. I don't seem to be able to do anything wrong with plants but forget to water them. That's kind of a nice feeling.

Think I'll start some Texas Star Hibiscus, I've got a bunch of seeds but they're getting old so I don't know what the germination rate is. If I plant 50, I'll find out. They look rather a lot like marijuana plants, kind of amusing really.

Been working on the Llano Master Gardener site a lot today, it's my baby. Last year when I started the classes I felt sort of adrift, if I hadn't had Timi to kind of hold my hand I would have felt a little lost at first; you know how it is when you don't really know anyone. They're a real friendly group and I would have made friends in time, but being Timi's friend helped a lot, she was one of the founding members 2 years ago. I'm glad we have the website to make sure new trainees get more information up front, and it emphasizes the fact that we're all just here to have a good time and hopefully to contribute something to the community as well. A couple of weeks ago at the Officers' meeting some were a little nervous that we wouldn't get more than a dozen trainees. As of today there are 27 and one or two more that would like to join. We think that 30 is about the maximum class size we can handle and still teach effectively. I'm still knocked out by the quality of the speakers we're getting, it's amazing. If the current MGs attend the classes there are benefits; we get to learn stuff, the trainees feel more comfortable and it counts for our Continuing Education requirements for each year. And we get to go on the field trips! Yay!

Note that I say "we" as though I'm an Officer. No, indeed, they were smarter than that. At a meeting I didn't attend they voted me Web Director. An officer can only hold a post for 2 years officer can quit. Smartybutts. Oh, well, since I'm the only one who can do this, it's a moot point. I'm really hoping someone in the new class can do web design and can take the baton if I get sick of it or can't do it anymore.

Don went to town today to get mom's meds and went shopping at Miiller's Meat Market and brought home some lovely pork steaks which we seasoned and put on the grill. That and lima beans and coleslaw made for a lovely dinner. Right now we're cubing and packaging the cooked pork into 6oz. packs for future meals. Yum. He also picked up a small boneless peppered ham to slice and package tomorrow. Lots of meals, lots of home-made fun.

I need to gather some links for the upcoming ezine due on the 15th. Don's in the other room making ominous computer-building sounds. God only knows...

I love you,


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