Friday, March 7, 2008

Food and Flowers

Dear Mom,
There's just something so beautiful about the foods we love. There should be more food pictures, that's what I say! So, to put my money where my mouth is (!) here are some of my favorite alternatives to traditional foods, and quite delicious they are, too.

I've long suspected that oats give me problems and found that Bob's Red Mill carries Rolled Barley that's just about the same thing, only better in my estimation. We get all of our baking supplies and grain products from Bob's, they're wonderful. I've always liked oatmeal, but I pour the whole oats into boiling water and immediately take it off the heat to cook very lightly and not get "gloopy". If anyone stirs it or cooks it more and makes it pasty, I can't eat it. I can only eat it if the grains are separate and firm. Well, the Rolled Barley is exactly that texture and I love it.

The Cherry Pancakes were made using our standard pancake recipe, with 1 cup Garbanzo Bean flour (no it does not taste like beans) and 1 cup brown rice flour. Half a bag of frozen cherries was chopped into it and Don made the pancakes and tossed the rest of the cherries in a blender with a little water, sugar, vanilla and thickening-tapioca starch. Heating it just to boiling made a fabulous cherry syrup. Outstanding!

I'm desperately allergic to corn and have been craving fried grits forever so we got some Millet Grits. I made up a pot and made little patties fried in butter and oil. Once again, I outdid myself in tastiness and ingenuity. Ow, my arm hurts from patting were really good.

I took these pictures in case I ever have time to start an Alternative Foods blog or website. There are lots out there, most people with serious sensitivities are looking for help and when they find it, they're motivated to share. Me, too.

I started some Zinnia seeds today, they'll look great in the raised bed in my Gravel Garden. NeeCee knows I'm dirt-hungry so this morning she gave me some packets of seeds. Last year I planted some Zinnias that she gave me and people in their cars slowed down to look every day. It's a nice feeling.

I love you,


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